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Friends of Madera Animal Shelter is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, run by dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to support the education of responsible pet ownership. Through donations, we spay and neuter pets in our community, reducing the number of animals being euthanized. We are sworn to saving animals in crisis, working with our rescue partners, finding qualified and loving forever homes through our adoption events

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About Us...

We are a nonprofit, independent, animal welfare organization dedicated to improving animal health and welfare in Madera County.


  • Support the practice of humane attitudes
  • Promote the altering of pets
  • Work toward improving the general well being of animals through community education and outreach.

Our organization supports Madera County residents. We lessen the county's financial burden associated with animal over-population. Our resources, although limited, help support Animal Services activities and programs beyond those that can be afforded by the county. 

  • We help make low cost spaying and neutering programs available to the community. These important procedures are the only proven method for successfully reducing the suffering and expense of animal over population. They also serve animals and pet owners directly by minimizing health problems and providing behavioral benefits. 
  • We assist Madera County Animal Services toward its goal of eventually becoming a no kill shelter through the altering of pets and adoption of companion animals into caring homes. 
  • We provide educational and outreach programs to promote the compassionate treatment of animals. 

FMAS regrets that in spite of incredible fund raising efforts including social media, a $20,000 matching donation pledge from an FMAS Board Member, and grant writing,our organization does not have sustainable funding to continue providing Madera City Residents the assistance they desperately need with spay/neuter programs. We make this decision solely to save our program. The county of Madera offers us continued financial support for this program and that is how we are able t...o continue to serve the county residents.
After September 30, 2017, The Friends of Madera Animal Shelter will stop issuing Madera City Residents vouchers for the Low Income and feral cat spay/neuter programs.
FMAS currently pays approximately $10,000 per month for surgeries for Madera City animals. The amount is only for surgeries at discounted rates negotiated with local
veterinarians. FMAS does not ask for any support to administer the program. The Friends of Madera Animal Shelter spay/neuter programs have been instrumental in reducing many
animal related issues and have increased the save rate at the Madera Shelter from 17% when the program started to the current rate of almost 90%
Dog license differentials for unaltered dogs and the community cat population reduction program rely heavily on the FMAS spay/neuter programs to be successful. It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on spay/neuter services, $18 is saved ion Animal Control Costs.
The Friends of Madera Animal Shelter does not want tor reverse all the progress made to date with spay/neuter programs and will work with the appropriate city employees to share any
information we have on other affordable spay/neuter options available to City Residents. If the City of Madera is able to provide additional funding sources for FMAS for spay/neuter surgeries for city animals, we would welcome the opportunity to continue providing these essential services for Madera City Residents. If you are a city resident and would like to inquire more on the issue please see attached information for your appropriate city council member to contact.

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We can be reached at:

or via P.O. Box 923
Madera, CA  93639

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Monday 10:00 - 4:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 4:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 4:00
Thursday 10:00 - 4:00
Friday 10:00 - 4:00
Saturday 10:00 - 02:00

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