The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. 
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Volunteer Opportunities
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FMAS has many areas for volunteers. Depending on your experience and interests we can match you with the tasks that best suits you and the animals. 
Adoption Abassadors
Council potential adopters to make sure they get an animal that fits their lifesyle.
Animal Marketing
Photograph animals or video for our website and social media site to get them adopted. We also always need more social media help for posting and getting exposure for the aniomals and our orgnization out there,
Work with our higest need animals on manners, socialization or basic obedience. This is essential in making dogs and cats more adoptable.
Dog Walking
Ensure MCAS Dogs get the exercise they need and deserve every day.
Assist wuth daily play groups.(large play area where dogs interact and play with other dogs.)
Bay Area Adoption Events
Participate in oce a month trips to various Bay Area PetsMart stores to assist in adoption events.
Outreach events
Promote FMAS's mission and recruit volunteers, adopters, and donors at special events around the country,
Provide temporary care for animals in your home until they can be adopted or go to rescue.
Rescue Transport Drivers and Loaders
Transport animals from MCAS to recues in California, Oregon and Washington. Also occasional transport single animals for rescue, adoption or  vet care.
Community  Cat Advocate
Trap and transport feral cats to vets or the shelter to be spay/neuter then returned to the place they were trapped(various locations with cat colonies)
Clerical & Maintenance
Help with filing and data entry is needed.
Help with various hand-person projects and maintenance around the MCAS Facility.
If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the submission form to the right
and someone will contact you with additional information .